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Hi! I'm Jingyi.

I'm currently a first-year graduate student in Interactive Telecommunication Program (ITP) at Tisch School of the Arts, New York University.

I hold an undergraduate degree in architectural design background. I enjoy designing, especially applying advanced technology to address real-world problems. I'm passionate about human-centered design and creating meaningful experiences in both the digital and physical world. I wish to impact others' lives in a positive manner through technology and design.




1    Ranking in my major during my undergrad. 

        I'm a hardworking person with great learning capacity.

2    Volunteer organizations I've joined.

        Using my craftsmanship and design skills to contribute to the community is            my pleasure and responsibility.

3    Cross-disciplinary research I've participated in. 

        Collaborating with people from diverse background is excited for me and I            hold keen interest and curiosity on various issues other than design.

4    Sports records I've been holding in my school.

        I’m a vigorous girl who is good at a number of sports. 

12  Years I've been practicing Folk dance and Latin dance.

        Dancing provides me a different way to express myself.

16  Years I've been practicing painting.

        Painting promotes my aesthetic skills and I enjoy recording the world by                sketchbooks.