Coding Projects

Coding practice in p5.js


This a game about DNA editing. The user will be asked to move the nucleobases and the appearance of the girl will be changed as well.


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Superhero​ is a parallel universe superhero generator. The data came from three APIs including Marvels, Comic books, GIPHY.


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The game consists of three parts. The first part is about generating a superhero story

The second and third part is about personalizing a hero and encouraging the user to be a "real hero" by kind acts

Doodle Jump was my first attempt of making a game by p5js. I modified the famous Doodle Jump game in the web browser. The doodle was drawn by curves and the platforms were generated randomly in an array. 

Play it full screen here



As human beings, we are tiny existence in the universe. So I made this project using video capture and sound input with this metaphor. Each star was a picture captured by the video camera, and it was triggered by the volume of sound. And the star will gradually fade and disappear, like each individual in the world. We exist, and we disappear. 


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