Urban Dream

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Oct- Dec 2019


Urban Dream is an experiment about different urban forms and skylines and their soundscapes. The performer acts as an urbanist who uses different architecture modules to build up an urban landscape and composite live music. This performance also explores the transformation from traditional to modern and order vs disorder.


Each city has its unique urban formation, architecture, and characteristics. Some metropolitans such as New York and Shanghai even have distinguished skylines. Is there a connection between the rhythm of the skyline and architecture to the rhythm of music? Does the music of traditional architecture and modern architecture sound different? How would diverse colors and materials affect the sound of architecture? 


Urban Dream uses object recognition technology to identify the modules and their position and reflect these to the composition of the music.


The music interface is made of a series of architecture blocks. To mimic the visual of skylines, audiences will be seeing them through a frosted acrylic. From the technical side, a webcam will be used to recognize the module and its position via reacTIVISION. An LED will be set up behind to create shadow and atmosphere. The whole music interface and technical partS are packable. Only speakers are needed from the venue and no stage light is needed.

Stage settings

Technical Rider

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